Be careful with your android phone

What is an android phone?

First, I will explain to those who don’t know what an android phone is. An Android is operating system designed and developed by Google especially for smart phones. First android phone Google was developed with HTC. Phones which has installed Android operating system, has a lot of applications which can extend […]

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How to resize photos for e-mail and web sites

These day’s digital cameras shoot large sized photos. This can be very frustrating when we want to send more pictures to a friend via e-mail or for example upload our birthday’s party photo album to facebook profile. Digital cameras shoot photos of size about 2 MB to 5 MB, of course we are talking about […]

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New Internet Explorer just launched

A new version of Internet Explorer come out, official name is the internet explorer 9. What can we expect from the new version? We hope that it will be faster than Internet Explorer 8, in any case it cannot be worser than Internet Explorer 6. I always expect something better from Microsoft, but its not […]

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How to create article in Joomla CMS

Welcome to our tutorial “How to create article in Joomla CMS”. What is Joomla? Joomla is free open source content management system. A content management system (CMS) is a platform used to easily control the content of a web site. With Joomla CMS you can easily make a new web site page, with content such […]

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The role of the Internet in the social war

In situations of mass protests, the Egyptian authorities have decided to terminate Internet access for its population. This shows the importance of the Internet in future social upheavals. In the meantime, the introduction of several articles in which the specified bit more technical detail on how the disabled access to the Internet.

The first blocked social […]

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Microsoft Office Web Apps is free

Microsoft Office Web Apps, based on the technologies Windows Live SkyDrive and Hotmail, designed as a network support Microsoft Office, this application allows users to access documents from the Office deals, working with them and share them with other users via the Internet.

Office Web is a key part of the strategy Microsoft Cloud. More than […]

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What is the most popular browser?

Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer suffered the greatest loss in the last two years after IE was dismissed Mozilla Firefox in the area’s most popular software for browsing recently in Europe, reports StatCounter.

Mozilla Firefox uses 38.2% of users, Explorer 37.4%, and 14.6 percent of Chrome. At Microsoft’s “accident” have benefited Google and Apple, whose browsers Firefox […]

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