What is an android phone?

First, I will explain to those who don’t know what an android phone is. An Android is operating system designed and developed by Google especially for smart phones. First android phone Google was developed with HTC. Phones which has installed Android operating system, has a lot of applications which can extend mobile phone functions. Users usually called Android apps or Android phone apps, which is short for Android applications.

Android phones has preinstalled internet browser, which has options for mobile and standard view. You need to be careful while surfing on the internet with your Android phone, because there are a lot of viruses on the internet.

android phone Symantec, one of the largest Internet security companies in the world discovered that it seems that the latest update to the Android mobile OS is already processed “undermined” by hackers.

In fact, it was discovered that the application called “Android Security Tool” repacked version of a legitimate update of the same name that was used to remove the malicious code from DroidDream infected device. The threat is still investigating.

Hackers show serious interest in Android, which is the fastest growing mobile Operating System, according to Gartne.

Here are some Android apps which are the best for security on the internet:

Wave Secure Mobile Security
Life 360 Security Center
Lookout Mobile Security

There are a lot of applications and games which are developed for Google Android phones. Some of them are free but also there are those that are commercial and you need pay for these apps. More android phone apps you can find on market.android.com

If you ask question which phone is better: Android phone or Windows phone?

I will always choose android phone, because it has more free applications and it is developed in open source software. With Android apps you can done almost everything like you do in your computer.