Sony Corporation announced this week that they start looking for hackers who were got inside Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), which is connected to the stealing of important details in the middle of April this year.

After detail research engineers of SOE found out that around 24.7 millions of SOE accounts were stolen, together with some old information from old database created in 2007.

This database had information’s about 12 200 credit cards users outside of USA. Also this database had information’s about expiry date and all other information which are important for all users of this company. After this attack Sony feels sorry for their users and they will start offering their customers services again as soon as possible. SOE Sony Online Entertainment did everything to make sure they customers do not lose a lot, they said they will give to their customers free subscriptions to use services of their company just for some time which customers lost because of this attack. After getting inside of SOE networks and after hackers attack, Sony start detail research of security of their current systems. After attack they immediately shut down all servers in order to protect greater damage to the Sony Online Entertainment.

This is one of many attacks which hackers do every day, but this attack was different because so many information were stolen from Sony Online Entertainment. We hope that in future this accident it is not going to make so much loss for both customers and big companies like SOE. All IT teams inside such a big companies have to work together in order to protect their networks. This includes security engineers, it persons which takes care about web design services and all others which are part of IT teams in big companies.