Do Google Ads (ex Google Adwords) provide any benefit?

Each advertiser wants to figure out this question yet the answer to it isn’t quite easy as you may be thinking.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Google Ads (ex Google Adwords) works out great while securing “warm” potential leads and getting your consumers right away to your services or products.

The rates of conversion are comparatively higher and a proper Google Ads campaign has the potential to grow your sales way better than most of the other methods.

Yet, securing those amasing sales figures takes some amount of time.

Hence, the question remains…

How much time is required for Google Ads to start working?

The time taken for this to happen varies according to the type of business. As per our past experiences of managing the advertisement campaigns for small and medium businesses, we usually recommend that:

  • Three to Twelve months for the development of a proper ad campaign
  • A minimum of three months to let a campaign mature.

Twelve months!

Yes, it’s correct.

Since the results are completely worth the time.

Google Ads is still the best method in terms of cost for firms of all kinds of sizes, ranging from small family businesses to multi-billion-dollar firms.

At our agency, we have assisted our various clients in achieving almost twenty to one ROAS, over two hundred percent increment in the rates of conversion, more than eighty percent increase in overall conversions and also more than 2,500 percent greater sales revenue!

Like we mentioned before, the end results are worth the time spent.

But why does this process take such a long amount of time?

In this post, we will have a look at various factors which affect the way in which a campaign with Google Ads delivers results.

Give some time to the campaign initially

To be honest, Google Ads campaigns may take some time for taking off. It is not as simple as putting together some bunch of keywords, bidding for them and then awaiting huge amounts of conversions.

It is quite important to give your campaign some time to set in initially to ensure long term success of your advertisement campaign.

This initial phase and research imply that each campaign, advertisement group and advertisement itself is created as per your target customers. It is the sole way to secure high CTR and higher amount of return on investment (ROI) in future.

Two key elements of this are.

Step 1: Knowing more about you

The agency that you are working with allots time to comprehend the nature of your business and campaign goals/objectives.

Any agency needs its client’s assistance to comprehend the firm properly to create an amazing targeted campaign for the client’s success.

  • From where are you beginning?
  • Who is your target audience/customers?
  • Who are some of your competitors?
  • What are the campaign goals?

Steo 2: Campaign building and development of strategy

This involves quite some highly important tactical knowledge. Your agency shall be conducting an online audit, target market’s research and keyword research. Identification of your target audience and its cross-match with SEO related activities shall also take place. After doing all this, the development of a customized goal-oriented strategy will take place.

Tracking things is vital for each ad campaign and also, this takes some time for setting up. Agencies which are experienced shall have an idea about what KPIs are to be monitored and they will also have an idea about the tools to use for getting the best possible data while your campaign is in progress.

In the end, all of your advertisement elements are implemented such as ad text, structured snippets, ad copy, and negative keywords.

While all this takes place, you should invest some amount of your time in providing the agency what they require. Be ready to answer any of their questions.

Believe us, is way better to invest this time at this stage than taking the risk of letting your budget go to waste on clicks of poor quality.

Google needs some amount of time while approving your advertisements

Your ad is submitted to Google for their review, therefore now all you need to do is wait for it going live right?


Google needs some time before approving your ad.

Now these are the things that they take a look at:

  • Landing page: Is your landing page matching your advertisement.
  • Keywords: Is the ad relevant to the keywords in question?
  • Ad Description: Are you making use of any unwanted content or content which is offensive?
  • Headline: Whether It is misleading or spammy?

All these things are checked since Google wants its users to have an amazing search experience.

In case your ad doesn’t follow the guidelines, Google can flag your ad’s content for modifications or also cancel your ad. This implies that you now have to redo the whole process from scratch again.

Before we proceed, it’s vital to make a note that in case happen to be engaged with a well-established PPC firm and the initial onboarding process has been done properly, the chances of your ad getting rejected are quite slim.

But it is always a possibility.

Hence, how much time does Google take to complete your ad’s review?

Now take into account the fact that millions of advertisers are making use of Google Ads.

And ad reviews are done by Google as per the order in which it receives them. Hence, you are simply placed in a queue.

Usually, Google reviews ads well within 24 hours or one business day.

(But it sometimes does take more than that.)

Good news is that there is a method for getting your ads approved quicker.

All that you need to do is go as per Google’s set guidelines.

Major things which you should avoid are:

  • Technical and editorial issues, this is related to anything difficult or annoying for the users to work with.
  • Restricted content, like political content, gambling, adult content etc.
  • Banned Practices like abuse of the advertisement network in question, misrepresentation and collecting user data.
  • Prohibited content like promoting and selling counterfeit services and goods.

To have a look at all the guidelines, check out Google’s advertising policies.

This is where making use of a proper PPC agency for launching your Google Ads campaign has huge amounts of advantages.

Top PPC agencies keep themselves updated with the most recent Google Ads guidelines and policies since they need to secure their clients’ interests.

When you choose a certified Google partner like us, you can be assured that they have a sound idea about the advertisement platform. With regards to you, the whole campaign process becomes stress-free and quick, since the PPC agency knows about what type of content cannot and can be used.

Taking time before picking momentum is common in Google Ads campaigns

So, now that your onboarding process is all done with along with approval for ads, and the campaign is now in full swing.

So why are the leads not flowing in?

In reality, it might take a couple of weeks for your Google Ads campaign to gain some momentum.

The time depends on the competition, keywords and niche.

Your agency shall soon notify you in case the campaign’s performance starts falling out of the usual range and shall also make a solution to the issues in question.

That is what they do.

Data is vital for optimising your campaign

A major hindrance for any campaign’s success is stagnation.

Also, you can perform campaign optimization only when enough amount of data has been collected beforehand.

This is exactly what initial months of the campaign will provide you with: data and visibility.

PPC agencies help clients in this crucial process greatly. Taking time out to analyse data every week might become challenging for you besides managing your business and other things. Experienced professionals assist you by analysing available data for insights and, therefore, you can make well-informed decisions.

Besides, your PPC agency shall have an idea about the CTR (Click-through rate) and CPC (Cost per click) within the niche, ROAS (Return of the Ad spend), the possible rates for conversion, etc.

Besides, an agency has the available resources and time to test out various campaign elements to check on what combos can produce better results.

This might save you a lot of frustration, effort and time while also securing the highest possible ROI.

Now, what will they be looking at?

Some of the areas for focus while testing and optimising Google Ads campaign.

The most basic things to check on is the strategy for bidding.

Is your strategy for bidding as per your set objectives? Will it be able to secure the best possible ROAS?

Next up is the performance of keywords and reports about the search queries.

We make use of the search queries related reports to check on what your possible consumers are looking for. This greatly assists while refining the keywords list.

The thins is that your primary list of keywords mostly won’t be the one which will become highly profitable right away. These lists need proper attention and changes to convert them into high performing ones.

This might also be the time for expanding your list of keywords to get more traffic.

For this, optimize and review your list of negative keywords.

These types of keywords play a vital role in improving your Google Ads campaign’s ROI or return on investment. This is the case since you are removing clicks which aren’t going to result in a conversion. Doing so will save a lot of money.

Do make appropriate changes for reducing the number of clicks and impressions.

What we need to do is reduce the wastage of the available budget amount and reassign the same to that are working out for the best in terms of ROI.

This whole process of optimization shall also have a focus on the ad copy.

It is always a possibility that your initial copy won’t bring out the best of results. A major portion of the management of any given Google Ads campaign is trying out new ad copies and make use of testing to see what works out for the best.

Yet another issue is checking your campaign for click fraud.

Are fake clicks making you lose your money and potential clients? Do have a look at your Google Ads account for checking on this issue and make sure to resolve it.

Also, it may just not be about the ads, we also have a look at the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) on the landing page.

Why it might be the case that people are clicking and no one is converting?

It might be a problem with the landing page.

So, what are the changes that might be made to have a greater number of conversions?

It is time to run some split tests (A/B testing) to check on various landing pages.

E.g. adding reviews of Trustpilot and reduction in the number of form fields has been proven to increase the number of conversions.

All these are a small portion of the issues and things that your PPC agency will optimize and review for delivering high performing Google Ads campaigns.

Final Thoughts:

Does Google Ads work?

Of course, it does.

But you might have noticed, getting amazing results with the help of Google Ads requires time.

You need to give some time for the initial onboarding and Google’s review and approval of your ad copy besides the time and work needed for optimizing and tracking your campaign.

Still, the results are worth the hard work.

The reality is, creating Google Ads campaigns by yourself is difficult, and more so when you have no idea regarding what you should be expecting.

Working together with a Google Ads PPC agency gives you the best chance at having an amazing campaign without unnecessary amounts of delays. Besides, they also have an idea about executing ad campaigns on various other divisions of Google’s Ad network such as Google Shopping, Google’s display network etc.