Google search got advanced search operators to make our search more precise and to get better results.

Tip 1. Search with Exact match and OR operator

Example with the exact match when you want to exclude synonyms in your searches
“star config”

OR – when you want both results

star OR config

Looking for a Website Design Agency?
You can use bellow example:
(website OR web) design agency in Liverpool

Tip 2. Search and exclude terms or phrases (Keywords)

Example: In this example, we are looking for all pages related to Website Design excluding Sydney
“Website Design” -Sydney

Tip 3. Looking for a specific file type on Google?

websitedesignguide filetype:pdf

You can use doc,docx,txt, etc.

Tip 4. Search Terms ( Keyword Phrases) from specific Website’s

Get results from specific URL

Example with broad match term website design

Example with exact match
Also, you can use “” to get more specific results “website design”

Tip 5. Date Specific results

“digital marketing” before:2000

also, you can use after:
“digital marketing” after:2021

Tip 5. Show Map results

map:sydney nsw

Tip 6. Find weather info for the particular location

weather:sydney cbd

Tip 7. Find movie info

movie:star wars

You can find more information here