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Web Design and Development Process

Affordable Web Design Service

We Will Make You the Website You Deserve!

When you have a website made, you want something that reflects your business. In today’s technologically advanced world, more people are completing the buyer’s journey online. By having a positive presence online, you can reach more people who would be interested in your products and services.

For an experienced web designer in Parramatta, you can depend on Star Config – Web Design Sydney. We take pride in having a professional team of web designers who are experienced in all aspects of website design, graphic design, logo creation and web programming. Our team takes the time to get to know our clients, thus we create the perfect site for you and your business.

Once you get to know us, you will call on us for all of your website needs. We can handle the design of your site, while maintaining its structure and functionality. When it comes to web development in Sydney, we have a team of seasoned experts who take pride in their work.

Why Choose our Website Design Services?

  • High-Quality, Clean and Modern Design
  • We are Local based Web Design Company in Parramatta. Can’t find time to come down to the office? Don’t worry. Our consultant will come to your workplace
  • Your website will be fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size, our design adapts to different browser sizes and devices such as mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Notebooks, Laptops and Desktops.
  • Amazing sliders give you the opportunity to showcase your content and products
  • Affordable Rates – No Hidden Costs
  • Great support, we look after you
Local based Web Design Agency

Let Us Create Your Business Logo!

Whether you are remotely considering creating a new website or a logo or you want to update an existing site, our professional web design services offer amazing results in every sense of the word, from workmanship to customer service. We have the same vision as you do for your business, and that is great success.

When it comes to Web Development in Sydney, with help of Star Config your project will be completed with the latest technology available. Our design team will go above and beyond to create a site that will exceed your expectations. Regardless of the nature of your business, you know you have placed your project in the capable hands of true design professionals when you call on us.

There are no jobs too small or too big for us to handle. We can make your website as simple or as complicated as you wish. Whether your job requires one service page or dozens of them, we can get the job done affordably and efficiently. Consistently providing exceptional results, we have established a reputation as the reliable, creative team that can be entrusted with a variety of projects.

Joomla, Word Press or Woo Commerce Website Development

Why Do You Need A Website?

With more people doing all of their research online, you can’t afford to not have a website. Everyday if you don’t have an effective, well designed website you are losing sales. If you don’t have your site professionally done, you are still missing out. When you call on Star Config, you can rest assured that you will have a positive reflection of your operation out there for buyers to see.

We at Star Config are the number one choice for website design in Sydney for anyone looking for fresh and innovative web design. Our brand has gained massive recognition across the country as a highly established and 100% trustworthy design studio offering first-class, creative graphic design. Businesses from all over Australia consult us for our unique and matchless branding design services.

We are a team of experienced, qualified and competent web designers and educators offering a complete range of copywriting and graphic design services so that you can get your website up and running in no time! Whatever your corporate requirements, we are sure to accommodate your needs and offer you a wholly customized and tailored service guaranteed to live up to your high expectations.

Our services speak for themselves. Over the last 8 years, we have built and grown from a sole operating firm delivering hand-drawn corporate designs to an automated, nationwide consultancy specialising in brand design projects for many large-scale names in the marketing world.

For us, our clients take first priority. Accordingly, we aim to ensure that whatever brand we work with receives the best brand of service when they hire our creative design team for their marketing needs. We work closely with all our clients so as to get the right feel and essence of the company, which helps us come up with web design solutions that reflect each client’s unique requirements.

Why We Are Considered the Best

At Star Config, all our efforts are geared towards providing you with top-notch custom website design services right on time, so that you are able to meet pressing deadlines and pipeline projects accurately. We have built a solid reputation for delivering innovative, appealing and engaging graphic design services to our clients that reflect the spirit and essence of their brand.
Due to the superior quality and timely deliverance of our services, we at Star Config have been able to foster strong and long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Creative Team

The credit for our reputation largely goes to our handpicked motivated and efficient team of creative, designers and technicians who are at hand 24/7 to assist you with all your design needs.

We at Star Config are passionate individuals with a strong interest in and enthusiasm for graphic web design and marketing. This passion is reflected in our excellence quality of work that is aimed to satisfy even the most demanding clients. We thrive on challenge and often take on tough yet stimulating design projects that enable us to utilise our creativity and resourcefulness to the fullest.

Our brand, Star Config, is synonymous with originality and freshness as well as trust and reliability. We offer our clients the very best in web design technology that will help them get their website on track with speed and efficacy.

Our team consists of designers with over twenty years of firsthand experience in business management and web design. With a team such as ours, quality and excellence are what you expect and what you get!

Our Clients

Our client base is vast and extensive; some of the biggest names in the country’s corporate world have consulted us to help them design their website content. Whether they are artists or engineers, stockbreeders or financiers, we have served all typed of firms, from sole operators to large-scale industrialists.

We have garnered glowing reviews and testimonials from a broad range of satisfied clients. Many businesses that contact us have technical and even rigid marketing needs. We make sure to serve all their requirements to the best of our abilities and to deliver them the best website design in Sydney, Australia.

At Star Config, you can avail a range of outstanding marketing and design services. Our team of designers are experts in all sorts of marketing needs including:

• Website hosting
• Domain name registration
• Graphic design
• SEO and SEM Internet Marketing

No matter what aspect of marketing and design you need help, we at Star Config are ready and willing to help you!
Our graphic design team is made up of approachable and competent designers who can help you solve all your marketing needs in one go.

Website Design and Development

Website design can be quite a hassle for many businesses, especially for large-scale companies. You not only have to come up with a design and layout that will both appeal and inform, but also ensure your website content is in sync with the latest design trends.

We are Sydney’s Number One design consultancy offering strong, marketable and cheap web design. Our work at Star Config is based on our understanding that a constructive designer-client collaboration can lead to successful design and branding.

We always work closely with you to ensure you’re able to create reputable marketing messages that generate a positive response from audience. We firmly believe that good quality web content is vital for a successful marketing programme. To that end, we offer web design solutions that deliver results you need. Our guarantee is appealing and customised websites structured with effective SEO.

Our designs include easily navigable, fast loading, well-structured, succinct and mobile responsive sites that are compatible with your overall brand and message.

We help you design and manage a range of marketing areas, such as:

• Custom designed websites
• WordPress websites
• Shopping and e-commerce
• Content management systems (CMS)
• Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Animated content
• Email campaigns
• Email newsletters
• Customised applications
• Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

We are have become a household name as a supplier of superior website design services in Sydney.

Print and Advertising Design

We believe a coordinated marketing message can help a firm make a positive impact in its selected niche. To that end, we develop a good working relationship with you to help you create a concise and clear message for your marketing requirements. Our aim is to satisfy you above and beyond your expectations.

Our services extend across key areas of advertising and print design, including:

• Stationery (letterheads, business card, etc.)
• Adverts
• Catalogues and brochures
• Publications like books and magazines
• Posters
• Packaging
• Merchandising
• Annual reports

We ensure that you are able to project a strong, consistent and organised message to your customers.

Branding and Identity

Branding is a central consideration for any business. The first thing people notice about a firm is their brand design or logo. Businesses with recognisable brand icons are able to attract customers by their name alone. Branding is the very heart and crux of a company, and a well-designed logo will instantly convey what your brand is all about.

We at Star Config take great pride in being the premier studio for logo design Sydney and Australia wide. Our services are geared towards designing distinctive and creative icons and logos tailored perfectly to suit your particular needs. Moreover, our designs are guaranteed to last a long time. We believe the brand logo should be strong enough to define a company’s long-term vision and we design corporate icons with that very aim. Consequently, our logo designs make for powerful and influential marketing tools.

SEO and Web Marketing

In this digital era, the import of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is unquestionable. It’s simple: if you want your business to attract a steady stream of web traffic (and who doesn’t?), think SEO!

We at Star Config are well versed in the multiple techniques of SEO and how to embed these techniques into all aspects of your marketing content to enhance the reach of your message. Our creative team can help you design and run effective advertising campaigns to project a powerful and engaging marketing message guaranteed to make your brand stand out from the horde.

We are strong advocates of the central role of social media platforms for business networking and their ability to generate cost-effective advertising campaigns for marketing purposes. We staunchly believe a consistent and active social media presence is essential for any business that wants to achieve corporate success.

We play the role of designers as well as educators to enrich the quality of our services. Not only do we create innovative designs, we are also intimately familiar with the latest marketing trends and educate our clients about the vitality of multiple platform marketing.


As a website design company par excellence, we are in the best position to generate copywriting content for our corporate clients. All businesses have different marketing requirements and, therefore, require different content. At Star Config, we can handle all your copywriting needs down to a T.

We take copywriting as an art. We guarantee copies that will facilitate in selling your brand to prospective customers. We also include a persuasive call to action.

Our way of working is based on a shared and collaborative approach. We believe in establishing strong mutual ties with your brand to glean thorough understanding of your unique selling features. This helps us generate quality copywriting complete with aptly used phrases and keywords. We offer superior and first-rate copywriting services for all genres of marketing, including:

• Brochures
• Advertisements
• Web sites
• Newsletters
• Blogs
• Email campaigns

As stated above, we are big adherents of SEO. The keywords we use in our copies are critically designed to enhance your website ranking.
We believe a marketing copy should be flawlessly written and free from turnoffs like typos and grammatical errors. Our team of designers-cum-editors can also proofread and edit any website content you send through to us.

Our clients are free to contact us anytime to avail our first-class copywriting and editing services.

We handle all sorts of work from logo design and graphic design to website design and programming. All the finer details relating to any website we specialise in. You can entrust us to handle the project with care because we want you to tell your friends how beneficial our services have been to your operation.

Method of Payment

Many companies have convoluted payment systems in place that only end up confusing their clients. We at Star Config make it easy and convenient for you to make payments. Our online system is specially designed to offer smooth and error-free payment for services discharged.

On our website, we have created a direct shortcut to the PayPal website so that our clients do not need to open up their accounts separately and can simply make payments via the shortcut link. Star Config is all about facilitating clients!

In Short…

We at Star Config have gained a rock-solid reputation for our exceptional website and print design, branding, web marketing and copywriting services. Our doors are open to any business, large or small, that needs reliable and top-notch marketing solutions for their brand.

Our business clients revere us for our prompt and punctual delivery of graphic design services. No matter who our clients are or what they require, our creative and technical teams are always ready to take up marketing and design projects on their behalf.

We are well known for our services in creative web design Sydney wide.

We do great work. Don’t just take our word for it. Instead, let us show you! Talk with us today so we can tell you how our services can make a big difference in your marketing success. A designer will gladly take the time to discuss our different services and the pricing options so you can make the best choices for your needs. We are waiting to hear from you!

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