Modern housing demands are getting creative by the day. Let’s talk about granny flats, for example. They are the newest and most popular housing trend all over Australia. Its utility and convenience show that the concept of granny flats is functional and hence, is here to stay. 

In this blog, let us understand what granny flats are and what are their top benefits. 

What is a Granny Flat?

Granny flats are an independent living area built in your existing housing property as an additional living space or extension to your house. As the name suggests, the idea behind a granny flat is to accommodate old age people. They will have an independent living space, but they will be living close to you. The granny flat builder also call it an accessory dwelling unit or an accessory apartment.

Here are the advantages of building a granny flat – 

Keeps Your Family Close

The hustle of life often forces families to stay apart. Be it your work or other obligations, things keep you apart from your loved ones. After a point of time, the elders of the family live in old age homes. However, if you wish to stay close to your parents, granny flats are a brilliant idea.

Granny flats provide an opportunity for the old age members to spend their sunset years with their kids and grandkids. Living under the same roof means less space and privacy. However, an independent space on the same property will keep your privacy intact while having your elders close to you. You can also take care of sick parents and help them age gracefully and comfortably.  

Provides Support to Adult Children

Entering into adulthood in today’s age and taking care of the responsibility is financially challenging. With the student loans and rising rents, it is hard for young people to set their foot into the property market. Hence, youngsters are moving back to their parent’s homes to save living expenses and budget for a house deposit. 

While living with kids is a delight, it is challenging to live together after many years. To tackle the issues of privacy, space and independence, granny flats are the perfect option. It will give the family a sense of separation while staying close and together. 

Increases Your Property Value

The buyers or brokers determine the value of your property based on the benefits that come with it. Granny flats are a beneficial addition to your property. They are an additional structure that comes with the property and can address different needs of buyers. Buyers will get a mini home with your primary home, and it will enhance the value of your property. A granny flat will be an exceptional addition to your property that will increase your return on investment multifold. Find the one of the best granny flat builders Sydney.

Creates an Additional Income

A 2 bedroom granny flats are a great additional income if you want to rent them. Since it is a versatile and independent property, a tenant can live there comfortably. In case you use it to host family members of guests, you can list it on host websites like Airbnb and earn additional money. 

There are ups and downs in life. If you are going through a hard time and struggling to make ends meet, renting the granny flat will help you manage your expenses. You can also downsize into a granny flat if your main house feels too spacious to you at a point in life. With such a turn of events, you can rent out the main house and earn a substantial income.

Facilitates A Flexible Model

Granny flats are flexible structures. The additional building you have invested in within your property will prove beneficial to you in one way or another. 

If you want to rent them out today, you can earn a side income. If not, you can use it to host your guests and provide comfortable home-like accommodation to your visitors. You can also restructure it into your home office. Separating your work from your life will help you maintain a work-life balance. Besides, you can work better without the disturbances of your home and create a different environment. 

Granny flat is a multipurpose house. You can use it the way you want without diminishing its usefulness. Your granny flat is your vision – decide what you want to do with additional space in your property. 

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