Summer is coming.. Surviving Australian summers can be exhausting. As the temperature rolls up unstoppable, air conditioners become your saviours. You start looking for ways to maximise your AC’s performance to outlast the scorching heat.

Saving on bills and energy consumption comes out to be another concern when you think of improving your AC’s efficiency. Favourably, your AC can double down its cooling while reducing the overall expenditure and the power used.

Here are seven tips to utilise your AC in the blazing sun

1. Reach out to professionals 

Summers are on their way. Prepare yourselves beforehand with your AC ready at its full potential to cool down your house environment. Contact master key systems in your city to check every part of your unit and ensure it’s working correctly. You will get to know if anything needs repair or replacement.

2. Optimise temperatures with a smart thermostat

Tweaking your AC for improved cooling doesn’t mean you have to leave it on even when not in use. If you forget to reset your thermostat every time you go out, get a smart thermostat. Programmable devices make it easy for you to optimise your temps and timers, saving on power and expenses as well. Find best locksmith near me for house

3. Keep an eye on filters

AC filters work at their best when they clean. The arrival of summers is an invitation to dust and allergens. They block the filters compelling your AC to consume more energy. Check your AC filters every month for damage. If needed, ensure proper replacement.

4. Don’t misplace AC and thermostat

While trying to minimise power consumption, you may end up doubling it if you keep hot flares crossing over your air conditioner. Keep your AC and the thermostat away from heat-producing appliances to avoid overtime working. Secure a cool shade for air conditioning installation and don’t let the sun gleam directly on your thermostat.

5.  Weatherise for energy-friendly cooling

Weatherisation protects your home and its interior from sunlight, wind, and precipitation. It includes sealing air ducts, recessed lighting fixtures, and bypasses to reduce the amount of heat your house interior absorbs. Weatherisation lessens your energy usage and helps you cut down on your bills.

6.  Have a look at the outside unit

Your outside AC unit could trouble you during summers if left ignored. Debris, tree leaves, and shrubs can come its way and hinder the system’s smoothing functioning. Ensure proper cleaning of your landscaping to maintain adequate airflow in the outside unit. Even creepy crawlies and other animals could turn your arrangement upside down.

7.  Time to make a decision

Don’t hesitate to buy a new unit if you find your old AC has worn out. A fresh HVAC model is better than an abruptly working and power-consuming system. Replace it with an energy-efficient AC that fits perfectly in your space. If you don’t know how to choose the right size, let professionals help you out.

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