Condensation is a natural process that occurs when the surface temperature of the window is below the temperature of the air in the home. While you cannot avoid it, you can prevent your windows from getting fogged up.

When windows get old and foggy, you need to replace them with new insulated windows. However, if you’re putting your house on sale, you may avoid doing so.

We are here to tell you why you shouldn’t do so. In our blog post, know why replacing fogged windows is necessary before you put your house up for sale.

Do I Need to Replace the Fogged Windows For Sale?

Why is Taking Care of Fogged Windows Necessary Before Listing Your House?

Window replacement is necessary before you put your house up for sale for the following reasons –

1. To Increase the Value of Your Home

Replacing your fogged windows is an investment. It may look like you are wasting your time and money since you are going to sell the house. However, an old, fogged window can lower the price of your house. Renovating the windows has the chance of increasing the value of your home.

2. To Sell Your House Faster

Before a buyer considers your house for purchase, an inspection officer or surveying community examines the situation of the house to bid on it. If they find the windows to not be up to the mark, you may not get as many buyer requests.

3. To Attract Buyers

If you get the foggy windows replaced, your agent can communicate the value of your new windows to potential buyers. The old or discoloured windows are bound to come to notice, whereas new windows will attract buyers.

4. To Let the Sunlight Come In

Homebuyers consider the amount of natural light in the house and the view from your windows important. Fogged windows don’t allow either of them.

What to Do – Repair or Replacement?

House owners have two options to deal with fogged windows. One is the window glass repair. The other option is to replace your sealed units. Naturally, you would incline towards the former option – repair.

There are some ways with which you can attempt to repair your foggy windows, such as replacing the IGU unit or using a fogging spray. However, both of the options are not as efficient as they should be to eliminate the fogging issue from the root. Replacing the IGU unit is cheap, however, it is much more complicated than a simple window replacement. If your windows are old, the combined cost of the whole process may cost you even more than replacing the whole window. A fogging spray is a temporary solution and may not even last for more than a few hours.

You can only fix the problem of fogged or blown windows by replacing the whole window. Glass repair companies can offer you quick window replacement solutions. Liverpool Glass, a leading company of glass repair in Sydney, is an expert in simple, hassle-free glass replacement service. You should any day opt replacement over the repair for the former has the following advantages –


The window replacement may look like a huge expense on the face of it. However, when you compare its cost-efficiency with other options, you’d find that it is more appropriate in the longer run.

Offers Warranty

There is a chance of you getting a lifetime or a few years of warranty on the replacement. Some companies also allow a discount for both your old and new house.

No Danger

If there are weeks left for moving into your new home, you are exposing yourself and your family to danger. Foggy windows become an entryway for excess moisture that could lead to mould buildup. It puts the health of your pets and loved ones at risk.

Reduction in Energy Bills

If your window is worn-out and old, replacing it has added benefits. It will reduce your energy bills. Drafty windows cause more heating than usual and lead the air conditioning system to work harder.

Liverpool Glass is a highly-regarded team of professionals that can meet all your emergency glass repair requirements and enhance your house. Feel free to reach out to us, no matter where you live – Parramatta, Fairfield, Bankstown, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Macarthur, Camden and Picton area. We are always a phone call away!