Star Config provides support and tutorial services so that you can use your website better. After all, your website is an essential tool that needs to be maintained in the proper manner if you want it to be a benefit for your business. Star Config have highly trained experts that can provide the necessary support, tutorial and advice for taking care of your website.

Graphic and Website Consultation

In order to attract customers and make them interested in your website, you need to ensure that it has great graphics. Our designers at Star Config can help you choose the best graphics and layout for your website. We find responsive websites to be the way it should be developed. Even Google and other search engines love websites that load very fast. We can help you determine the proper design which your website requires based on the area of operations and purpose of your business. Our developers can guide you through the different website platforms such as WordPress so that you can select the most efficient one.

Star Config Local Support

We understand that doubts or problems can arise anytime. That is why we at Star Config pride ourselves in being able to provide local assistance whenever you require it. You can come over to our office or we can visit yours so that you get the assistance from our technicians directly. We can even provide assistance over the phone or even via a video conference if required.

Basic Website Maintenance Tutorial

Regular maintenance of a website is absolutely necessary. Issues can arise after it has been in use. We can show you how you can perform the basic maintenance procedures for your website. Our technicians can help you develop procedures for obtaining feedback from the customers and then analyse it. At Star Config we will develop tutorials specific to your website so that you can do everything yourself. Of course, we will still be there to help whenever you need us.

Advanced Website Management Tutorial

Of course, your website can have many enhanced features such as a content management system. If you are unfamiliar with the more advanced features of your website, you should not worry as Star Config can help you with tutorials. We can show you how you can use the features of the content management system so that you can upload new products and make changes to your inventory in your ecommerce website. You will be able to take complete control over your website including uploading and modifying content and multimedia files. We would not want your business to suffer simply due to difficulties in managing the ecommerce website.

Extra Features

There are many other things you can do when it comes to running a website. We at Star Config can help you with the backups of your website. We can perform the backup or show you how to do it yourself. Even other tasks editing photos and videos can be done by our talented staff.