Surely, you have heard the cliché line, “first impressions last.” When it comes to our homes, the front door handles are the first thing visitors will see when they visit. They are the ticket to your house, and it is best to keep your custom door handles attractive and classy in order to have that pleasant and welcoming vibe. If you are planning to improve your door handles with Push or Pull for a change or just want to show off for a bit, here are some tips that may help you create a custom made handle perfect for your doors at home.

Quality Over Quantity

Cheaper door handles do not guarantee you quality and durability. Thus, it is always worth it to choose good quality custom door handles to ensure that they will last for a long period of time.

Go find a reputable manufacturer and choose the design that will fit your home’s style. Although choosing high-end ones means paying twice the price of the cheap product, this will assure you that you will not be spending more for replacements or repairs every time it breaks down.

Be Unique

Look for a door handle that you think will stand out from the others. Choose something that you have never seen before, but make sure the design is appropriate for its function. For instance, your front door, and your bedroom require greater privacy. Thus, you need to buy internal door handles.
There are some parts in your house like your wardrobe doors that usually need a non-locking knob, so if you buy a door handle for your wardrobe just because you feel like its attractive, you’re wasting money.

Moreover, even if your door is just a plain wood, you can make it more stylish with various styles of door knobs. Push or Pull offers a variety of designer door handles and you can even make your own design for them to customise.

Be Creative

It is not necessary that your door handles match everything in your house. If you feel like buying custom made door handles for your entrance door because you find them cute, don’t hesitate to get one. You can mix different colours and design in your door the way you like. The paint on your door, the handle, and even your doorbell does not have to be synchronized. Feel free to put accessories because the changes you will make will definitely reflect your personality.


Indeed, it is amasing how little details can beautify your entire home. With the right design and good quality, you will certainly achieve the look that you desire for your home.