Facebook makes our “Like” into ads

When registering on the most popular social networking site on the Internet users welcome message to Facebook’s free and will always be free. On the other hand, is full of ads, and as things stand, there will be more.

The team from Facebook announced new forms of marketing on the serve. Sponsored price from now on […]

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IT Security

Many people ask me these days: what to do to my laptop or desktop, network, information system was fully protected and secure? Usually ask me what software to buy, nothing to install, is there a box or some software that will solve my problem? Another question: what to do, how to behave and how to […]

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Internet remains a free IP address

Last stock of free IP addresses in the world could be consumed by the end of year, and five regional agencies in the next few days will begin to share the last block of 16 million of free IP addresses.

It is expected that they will be used by September 2011th year, reports the BBC. Specifically, […]

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