Last stock of free IP addresses in the world could be consumed by the end of year, and five regional agencies in the next few days will begin to share the last block of 16 million of free IP addresses.

It is expected that they will be used by September 2011th year, reports the BBC. Specifically, the architecture of the Internet is such that it has a limited number of 4.3 billion IP addresses, unique series of numbers that “describe” each device that accesses the global network.

“culprit” is IPv4, which is now based Internet, which is made even more during the seventies.

Then it was thought that this number will be sufficient, however, at that time no one could have anticipated that there will be expansion of the internet there is so, ie. to the incredible number of devices that have a need for internet access.

Aksel Pavlik, Managing Director of RIPE, which serves Internet resources in Europe, said he expects the IP address to be totally “exhausted” by September this year.

He pointed out that there were plenty of high demand for addresses, especially from the United States and Asia. Pavlik also said that RIPE and other regional registries rationalize the requirements for Internet addresses for some time.

Professional community solution seen in the gradual transfer of the Internet architecture for IPv6, which would theoretically could serve trillion (thousand billion) online unit.

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