Many people ask me these days: what to do to my laptop or desktop, network, information system was fully protected and secure? Usually ask me what software to buy, nothing to install, is there a box or some software that will solve my problem? Another question: what to do, how to behave and how to use your computer to be calm and peaceful?

Is there a magic wand and where? Some others may have a magic wand for your area, if you believe in fairy tales. However, it does not exist for topics on which I write on this blog last more than two months, ie. topic of computer security, network and Internet. And the magic wand will not even appear.

News that you will not be happy, but it’s better to know right away: there is no absolute safety. This applies to a single computer system, network, communications and information systems and the like. Why – you ask? Well the answer is simple: to compare with the real life. How much you personally safe while your time each day to work, take children to day care, send them to school, drive your car or park it in various places, leave your apartment or house while you are all “somewhere ” on day to day, holiday ..