When registering on the most popular social networking site on the Internet users welcome message to Facebook’s free and will always be free. On the other hand, is full of ads, and as things stand, there will be more.

The team from Facebook announced new forms of marketing on the serve. Sponsored price from now on will appear to users based on their activities.

Normally, users have the right of the basic display of content services to show ads related to their interests, and Facebook now completes the marketing promotion sponsored content related to their activities.

For example, you go over a day of actual locations of some of the famous brands, and some of them the same day, sign up for one of your friends on Facebook, they will be in space for the ad to show your activity.

Besides the like, the ads will activate your ‘application’ to certain locations via Facebook places (this option is not yet activated users here) and the publication and service activities.