Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer suffered the greatest loss in the last two years after IE was dismissed Mozilla Firefox in the area’s most popular software for browsing recently in Europe, reports StatCounter.

Mozilla Firefox uses 38.2% of users, Explorer 37.4%, and 14.6 percent of Chrome. At Microsoft’s “accident” have benefited Google and Apple, whose browsers Firefox and Safari enlarge its market share by 10, or 5.9 percent, a record figure for both companies.

Explorer in the past 12 months, lost 5.6 percent of its users, even 10.7% since the March 2009, launched version of IE 8

At the world level Explorer has a share of 46.9%, followed by Firefox (30.8%) and Chrome (14.9%). “This is because Chrome ‘steals’ their customers from the Explorer while Firefox typically follows an existing share, ” says Cullen Adhan, executive StatCounter.

Also, it is the result of an agreement in December 2009. between Microsoft and the European Union when the agreement resolved a dispute about the role of Microsoft’s monopoly. This company has promised to allow Windows users to choose which browser to use.