In situations of mass protests, the Egyptian authorities have decided to terminate Internet access for its population. This shows the importance of the Internet in future social upheavals. In the meantime, the introduction of several articles in which the specified bit more technical detail on how the disabled access to the Internet.

The first blocked social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Then, almost all BGP routers withdrawn from the Internet routing table within 15 minutes, but one which is said to use Exchange as their last reserves . DNS servers stopped responding to requests for name resolution and IP address.

After this, it seems that the Egyptians began using earlier technology, such as fax machines, radio, dial-up services, etc., in order to overcome the situation and send the information out of the country and communicate with each other.
Some news said that China blocked the search by keyword Egypt. Also, there have been news to some local company in Egypt offering alternative ways of connecting to the Internet.

The big question is how these measures will affect the Egyptian government on the economy.
We can see the importance of the Internet and social networks play in time of internal turmoil in certain countries.