Welcome to our tutorial “How to create article in Joomla CMS”. What is Joomla? Joomla is free open source content management system. A content management system (CMS) is a platform used to easily control the content of a web site. With Joomla CMS you can easily make a new web site page, with content such as text, images, videos, and etc. You do not need to know programming, you only need to know the basics of computers. If you have installed Joomla CMS on your web site let’s see how to create a new article. If you don’t have Joomla csm on your website, please contact us on (02) 8005 0568. Star Config Web design Sydney team will help you to install Joomla CMS. Star Config Web design Sydney has a special package that costs only $ 495. This package includes the free installation of Joomla CMS.

How to Access Joomla Admin Panel? To be able to enter the admin panel, enter the name of your site then slash and type administrator and then press Enter. For example: www.yourwebsite.com.au/administrator. See picture bellow.

Type your user name and password that you get from your webmaster. Star Config Web Design Sydney team always gives all the information necessary to the client, so that the client may at any time change its content without calling Star Config Web Design Sydney.

Here we are, we have now entered into the Joomla backend. See how it looks Joomla administrator of a site that installed by Star Config Web design Sydney team.

In your top left corner is the icon “Add new article, click on the icon. Now will appear a lot of articles that have been created. See picture bellow.

Click on New, green icon with a cross in the middle. Now type the title of your article in Title field. For example Title 1 or Star Config Web design Sydney. In the text area box, type your article. See picture bellow.

Here you can choose a section and category where you will save article. On the right side there are more options for article. For example you can type description and keywords of your article. This is important for Search Engine Optimisation. To add image inside article click on image icon. See picture.

Instert image in joomla article

When you select a photo that you chose click on insert icon. Very well, now you can save your article. To see how your article looks at the front click on preview. Well that’s it. Now you know how to create the article in joomla.