A new version of Internet Explorer come out, official name is the internet explorer 9. What can we expect from the new version? We hope that it will be faster than Internet Explorer 8, in any case it cannot be worser than Internet Explorer 6. I always expect something better from Microsoft, but its not always as we expect. Many of the research done so far showed that examinees were not satisfied with Internet Explorer. What is it that annoyed us all these years? Is the security or privacy? Is it browser searching speed or something else?

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In this version of Internet Explorer, great attention was given to security and user privacy. Internet Explorer 9 provides control additives that slow the browser, warns users if you take a potentially harmful content.
One well known company has positioned Internet Explorer 9 as currently the safest browser on the market. IE9 is very fast because, unlike other browsers it uses the central processor and graphics card the most. This is the only browser on the market that offers full hardware acceleration for HTML5. Internet Explorer 9 has an improved download manager and better manages files you are downloading from the Internet.