When it comes to creating a website, WordPress is considered to be one of the best platforms to do so. It is also known to be an excellent content management system. As for bloggers, most of them prefer having their blog on WordPress. All of this just goes on to show how good WordPress is. Now, it has just got better with the public release of WordPress 4.6 which has been codenamed, Pepper.

Introducing WordPress Pepper

Like all WordPress versions, this update has also been named after a jazz legend. For 4.6, it is Pepper Adams. It does have many useful features, but some of the most important ones have been listed below.

  • The workflow for updating themes and plugins is now easier.
  • You can maintain the drafts even if the internet connection is lost.
  • The post editor helps you detect links to broken URLs more easily allowing you to resolve it more easily.
  • You now get native fonts based on the user’s OS. This features should improve the overall performance of WordPress Administration.

Improvement in Themes and Plugins Updates

WordPress 4.6 Dashboard Administration Panel

WordPress 4.6 Dashboard Administration Panel

Managing the updates of themes and plugins has always been a problem for users. Users would have to wait for the notifications then click on a link to start the update process. This would open up a new screen as the update process was going before returning to the previous screen. After getting the update to start, the whole process will take place inline. The result is a much smoother workflow and experience for the users.

Native Fonts

Since WordPress 3.8, Google Fonts has been used by the core application to provide a consistent experience for all users inside the admin irrespective of the operating system. This has been negated in 4.6 by the implementation of native fonts. The result is that it looks beautiful on the OS and prevents the need for downloading fonts. The page performance is sped up as well.

Improvements in the Editor

Linking is something that you would have to do when you are writing. If you end up spending a lot of time writing, then you will be spending an equally long time in placing the links to other content. However, a problem arises when the content to which you are linking does not exist anymore.

WordPress 4.6 takes care of this problem by including a broken link checker in the editor. This tool will automatically perform a check whenever you are trying to place a link. If the tool finds that the link does not exist anymore, it will notify you of the same.

Automatic Translations

It is one of the most impressive features that 4.6 Pepper brings to WordPress core. With it, translations for specific projects will automatically be loaded. In other words, the plugins and themes that you find will automatically have the translations for the respective locales loaded. This will only happen when the translations are available via the translator community.

With 4.6, WordPress has become even better for users and developers alike. There have been a number of changes, many of which have improved performance which is sure to be appreciated by all.