Why is Mozilla Firefox the best internet browser?

Mozilla Firefox, managed by Mozilla Corporation, is the free and open source Internet browser. It is second most popular web browsers, with approximately 30% share of web-browser usage, all around the world. It is extremely popular in Germany and Poland, where respectively, 60% and 47% of net surfers use Mozilla Firefox browser.

Here, I would like to discuss a few things regarding the operating systems, and the compatibility issues of web browsers with all of them. Whenever we buy a new computer, we usually install windows operating system on the computer. There are different versions of Windows OS, and the latest one is Windows 7 and Windows 10. Most of times, people instal microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser, side by side. Thus, Microsoft takes advantage over the other web-browsers, by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows OS. However, just the tech-savvy people will know that Internet Explorer is prone to crashing issues and it gets extremely slow after reloading.

On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox is superior to Internet Explorer, in terms of speed. Moreover, this Internet browser has unique features like tabbed browsing, over 6,000 add-ons, multiple tabs, and intuitive interface, which helps the user to navigate across web space, as per the wish. Apart from this, it is known for its high-performance, customization features and tools for personalized web experience. In addition, Mozilla Firefox is laced with privacy and security, blogging, entertainment, news, and much more useful categories.

Lately, people intended to know more about Google Chrome. Since, the uniqueness of Google cannot be overlooked, it can be said that Google Chrome matches the high-expectation of web surfers. Still, there are some shortcomings, which makes it less popular, as compared to Mozilla Firefox. Many users have complained that is not easily navigable. Apart from this, Google Chorme’s interface is not sufficiently user-friendly.

In fact, there is no match of Mozilla Firefox tech support, which makes it one of the most recommended web browsers. It is extremely easy to use. The user can not only open multiple websites in the same browser window, but he can even change the order of tabs, and redo the function, if he accidentally deletes tabs. Moreover, the users can use sticky notes to add notes for the web pages. The library stores the browsing history and bookmarks. Moreover, we can add or delete apps, with ease.

Mozilla Firefox has well organized and extremely useful features like spell-check, which allows users to correct the errors. The ease to restore the last browsing session is yet another user-friendly feature. If we look at private and security feature, there is no parallel to Mozilla Firefox. It allows private browsing, a user can enter or leave the private browsing session as per needs. Firefox protects the PC against pop-ups, spyware, malware or viruses, and has integrated password manager to locate and fix the security issues. The best of all, it allows parental control, is fast and is compatible with different operating systems like Windows and Linux. Not only this, ease of installation and managing settings makes it the best Internet browser PC. Undoubtely, there are more than sufficient reasons, to support its popularity. Moreover, the latest Firefox mobile web browser is compatible with Android devices.