Why people love to use joomla design for the creation of an attractive website.

Joomla is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems under the sun that allows the web designers to create highly interactive websites, blogs, media portals and e-Commerce applications in a quick and easy manner. The web designers can design websites and online applications as per their choice. The word ‘Joomla’ comes from the Swahili word ‘Jumla’ that means ‘all together’. Joomla design can be used widely for its easy management tool that helps the designers to add or edit the content on the website in an easy way. The corporate website owners would love to have Joomla site.

Interestingly, Joomla is the brain child of web experts, who combined the advantages of WordPress and Drupal to create a hybrid, that was named as ‘Joomla’. Thus, Joomla CMS is a free open source framework, which is accepted as the powerful tools in the hands of technically potent designers, who love to go advanced with the WordPress and avoid using the highly complex but incredibly exiting Drupal. The advancement in web development and designing has helped the experts for upgrading a Joomla 1.5 template to be able to use it with Joomla 1.6, although the task is not that easy to be accomplished. Experinced and hard working experts in the field of Joomla web design in Sydney concentrate mainly on delivering exciting and unmatched web site designs that are not only decent looking, but are also apt to meet the needs of generating traffic on the commercial website. Joomla web design Sydney has deep insight to capture the essence of business website and create the ultimate website design to satisfy the business needs of the website owner.

Since, the world is making use of the Joomla design for website development, it is extremely essential to understand the advantages of using highly flexible Joomla CMS over the various other open source framework languages. Most importantly, Joomla framework is written with the help of PHP scripting language which makes negligible compatibility issues. Moreover, one can see the preview check the display. Secondly, installing Joomla template is extremely easy and anyone can start with installation and designing in no time. The recent version of Joomla CMS has a sophisticated navigation pattern that can easily support hierarchies exceeding two levels. This makes easier for designers to create a website with hundreds of pages, as compared to WordPress, which does not keep hierarchies in mind. Besides this, Joomla can make use of more number of plugins and components than Drupal, although it still lags behind WordPress in the aspect of plugins usage. However, There are a number of functionalities in Joomla that makes it popular over WordPress.

In addition to the advantage of storing each and every element in the centralized database, it is possible to display the content on the website as per the needs of web editors. The web designers has the privilege of choosing from thousands of free Joomla templates, to change the look and feel of any website. Apart from these advantages, Joomla CMS extends its support to multiple languages and is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac, and several Unix versions.