WordPress is open source software, and you can use it to create a website and blogs for your personal or commercial projects.

WordPress is also available in English (Australia). Do you want to Learn WordPress?

But first I will show you how to create the database using cPanel from your hosting provider.

Create MySQL Database for WordPress Website or Blog

The first step to login to your cPanel is visiting cpanel.yourdomain.com.au link or use hosting instructions from your hosting company.

cPanel MySQL Database

You can see on the picture above there is Databases Section in cPanel. Click on MySQL Databases


Create New Database

In the empty field, please enter your database name (usually up to 8 characters)


Every Database should have a user which managing Database.

We must create a unique user name and enter a secure password for that User name.

Please copy and keep database name, database user name and password in Notepad or other text Editor Application, because we will use later.


In next step, we need to add User privileges to Database.

Select User Name and your database, then click Add. In next screen Select All Privileges and then Click on Make Changes.


WordPress (English Australia) Installation


How to install WordPress in Australian English Language

How to install WordPress in Australian English Language

Please go to wordrpres.org and find Download WordPress Button and save WordPress Installation file to your computer.


cPanel File Manager

Now back in your cPanel Administration, find and open File Manager.


Upload Screen

In next screen click on Upload link and find WordPress Installation file from your local PC.

When uploading WordPress installation file finished we need to unpack zip archive and extract it to Public Server Folder.


WordPress Installation Screen

In new tab open your domain name (Just enter your domain name) and WordPress Installation automatically will run.

Now we should use database information and user credentials.
Enter Database name;
User Name;
and User Name Password

Please keep Database Host and Table Prefix; you don’t need to change this information.

Then in next screen click on Run the Install


In this step enter Website Name, Administration Username and Password. It is important to remember WordPress Admin Username and Password because you will use it always when you Editing Pages and Posts.

Now click on Install WordPress.


WordPress Dashboard

After Installation has been completed, WordPress will automatically run to WordPress Dashboard (Administration) Panel.

To access the WordPress Dashboard or Administration panel, you just need to add /wp-admin the end of the URL where you installed WordPress like the below example: yourdomain.com.au/wp-admin