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Star Config is a professional team of web designers with a lot of experience into Web Design, graphic design, logo design and web programming.

Star Config Website Design Sydney will help you to find out the best package for you and your business to suite your customer needs.
Our professional team will help you to create genuine, functional and reliable web site. Star Config Web Design Sydney use latest technology in accordance with web standards.

Our aim is not to make only good looking web site, we also take care about structure and functionality of your web site, which will help your customers to find wanted resources in short period of time.

Whether you are building new web site for your company or redesign your existing web site, graphic design, logo design our team of designers, programmers and experts for web design will offer your high quality projects to satisfy your needs.

What is a web design?

Web Design is designing and graphic presentation of the contents which is showed on the internet in the form of the web site and other different web applications. Most of the web pages on the internet are made using following program languages: HTML, XHTML, CSS and dynamic PHP.

What are the most important things in designing a website?

Star Config web designer has the answers to this question. Our web designer can help you to create your website the way you like. With advantage knowledge of html, css, php and flash our web designer will design beautiful web site, to attract your customers. Our web designer always think that your web site looks user friendly. Go to our portfolio page have a look and you can see that all off our web sites a user friendly and easy to use. Every of our web designers provides a simple and easy navigation menu so that even a child will know how to use it. Make a web site and keep it simple. We always heard motto that simplicity is beauty.Simplicity and plainness should be guiding principle when begin developing ideas to web site. Our first goal is to have an effective web design web site.

How to choose a Professional Web Design?

Web Design should be well reviewed and should have good and interesting contents to attract visitors.Visitors shouldn’t spend a lot of time searching for a specific web page, every web page shouldn’t be more than 2-3 clicks away from home page.

Web Site should have fast and reliable hosting service, average users on the internet wait 8 seconds and if nothing happened, if page doesn’t get downloaded, user looks for another web site with faster service

Our Company offers CMS – Content Management System

What is CMS?

CMS is a software system which helps people who are not familiar with programming languages to change content of the web site on their own. Simple CMS gives opportunity to you as web master, to easily change contents, news, and product description and upload new pictures for your web site without knowing programming codes.

Complete CMS is integrated into the web site, so administration of the web site you can do form anywhere you want, all you need to have is access to the internet and passwords, which will be provided to you.

Joomla Web Site Design

Star Config Web Design Sydney using Joomla CMS (Content Management system). Joomla CMS is open source which is scalable, functional, efficient tool which is supported from active team made from developers and users.

With Joomla Content Management System it is easy to control, present and to update content of web site.

Joomla allows you to:

  • Change content for every page of your web site, which is similar to using any text editor
  • Add new web pages to your web sites with only few clicks
  • Upload new pictures, music etc
  • Change elements such as navigation menus and appearance of the web page

Joomla is a dynamic web application which uses database (MySQL) to store all content and information and using programming language (PHP) for content management

What is Flash Web Design?

Flash web design is more used for presentation, it is not easy to update as standard web site. Flash web site is an exclusive web site that is used to leave a strong effect on the person who looks web pages that are all in Flash. Star Config Web Design Sydney make flash web site as well for you.

Because these web sites are exclusive web sites, price is much higher than for standard web site. Price gets higher because it takes much more time to design it flash web site. Flash Web Design are not Search Engine Friendly, it’s not easy to get high search engine ranking with them.
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We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.

- Laura Ashley

Graphic Design Services

At a time, when you are thinking about reaching your customer on a international basis, you need to have a solid brand identity that would represent the services world wide. One should try to create something innovative and meticulous, as it would favour better to other rival businesses.

A professional graphic design company is one which provide high quality graphic design and web development service to its clients. It is essential for a service provider to have cutting edge experience in the matters as to custom logo design, stationary, brochure template design, animation development, web designing project and all the other things. Read more about our Graphic Design Sydney Services

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Website Development

Our primary role is to make web sites and redesign existing web sites. Making simple web pages has some advantages for user as they require less time to load, cleaner for users and it’s easier to maintain. But in today’s world people are used to different programming additions like: Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XTML.
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